Hi there! I’m Christine Smith – a Northern gal planting roots in the South. Married my dream guy, David, and a dog mummy to our goofy Golden Retriever, Lola. I have a huge passion for flowers, my morning coffee cup, good lipstick, and especially lovely gifts for every festive season.

In my spare time, you might find me covered in dirt from gardening, paint from watercolor, exploring a special celebration, or dealing with DIY gift materials.

I started freelance blogging in 2018. And finally decided to launch a blog of my own this Sep 2022 with the hope to create something useful, satisfy my passion for discovering celebrations and gifts, and also to give others a little nudge in the right direction if they find gifting ultimately an impossible mission on every celebration.

And that led me here!

This blog is my modern gal’s guide to gifts, tips and checklists around celebrations. Founded by my love for writing and rooted in my passion for encouraging others to create the magical moments that are sure to be cherished, this blog is where like-minded friends come to learn, connect, and be inspired!

If you have any questions or comments, or just to say hi, please reach out to me at [email protected]