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Top Black Christmas Tree From Online Stores To Steal the Spotlight This Festive Season

Christmas is around the corner! If you are a lover of alternative holiday themes, why not consider a black Christmas tree this festive season to encapsulate the holiday happiness and give your home a trendy new look?

This trend is interesting enough to make you rethink your normal holiday arrangement and amaze your guests with a sustainable and unconventional Xmas symbol. Black Christmas trees may seem like a fad, but they are on the rise and here to stay. It’s undeniable that they’re perfect for a gorgeous or dramatic atmosphere while still being versatile enough to complement a wide range of home designs.

It’s not traditional or typical, but the holidays are for breaking the mold and doing something novel and exciting. Since it’s all in black, you can use lighter-coloured trimmings to accentuate the space. Imagine how magnificent it will appear decorated with metallic tinsel, sparkling balls, and garland. Especially, when you add some Christmas Eve boxes or personalised gifts under the trees, they’ll become heartwarming personalised Christmas gifts that are sure to please anyone.

If you’re still in doubt, take a look at our top recommendations below. You’ll be amazed by how they tend to add a chic yet interesting touch to your cosy nest.

1. Amazon: Where You Can Find A Wide Range Of Black Xmas Trees

Amazon is among the most well-known names in the e-commerce industry. Through the use of the internet and other forms of digital technology, the company improves the customer service experience by making it easier for people to find, learn about, purchase goods and services of all kinds.

Its retail websites provide customers with a wide variety of products at competitive prices, a variety of convenient payment and delivery options. Businesses can better serve customers at scale and boost productivity with the help of digital services. This is excellent as it improves the selection, value, convenience of purchasing goods, services, and entertainment. Every day, Amazon’s teams from all over the world work together to discover new ways to provide customers with the low prices, wide variety, and easy accessibility they deserve.

Its targeted audience consists primarily of people aged 18 to 44, also including college students, newlyweds, working adults, retirees, and people of various socioeconomic backgrounds.

It comes as no surprise that many people choose this potential platform when they desire trendy black Christmas decorations for the upcoming holiday. With a wide range of samples at different prices (almost over 30 pounds), they’re bound to reckon which one is suitable for their living space. These trees from Amazon are mostly made of PVC, which is fire-retardant and offers peace of mind to parents with young children.

We’ve listed some of the best-seller items below. Read on and see whether they’re a good choice for your festive decoration.

BPIL Large Christmas Tree in Black With Colorado Pine

Black Christmas tree with colorado pine

Source: Amazon

This is the best option for a contemporary artificial black Christmas tree this holiday season. Its branches are tied directly to the trunk, eliminating the need for any additional tree stands or other tree accessories.

It’s perfect for displaying or exhibiting in a variety of settings, including homes, public gatherings, festivals, fairs, and more. Designed to withstand heat and flames, this tree is ideal for many decorations to come. Let this Christmas be everything you’ve always wanted it to be.

Space-Saving Artificial Black Christmas Tree

This pencil-thin tree is ready for any ornamentation, as it is neither lit nor decorated. Though its broadest point measures 53cm, it still has over 500 tips to accommodate all of your holiday lights and ornaments.

The artificiality of this Christmas tree ensures that its stylish black colour can be enjoyed year after year, without the hassle of constantly cleaning up fallen pine needles. Add some personalised Christmas ornaments if you want your tree to be more enchanting. Fantastic for usage in narrow rooms and corridors!

6ft Slimline Christmas Tree

Slimline Xmas pine tree

Source: Amazon

How wonderful it is that Christmas cheer is brought to you by this beautiful slender tree. It’s perfect for decking the halls and trimming the office during Christmas and other times of the year.

More than a thousand branch tips give this artificial black Christmas tree a full and realistic appearance. To fluff, simply stack the three pieces together, unhinge the branches, and pull them down. It costs you only thirty minutes to get things done.

2. Argos: Providing Stunning Black Christmas Tree At A Cheap Price

Established in 1973, Argos has since become the preeminent general merchandise retailer in the United Kingdom, selling over 60,000 items via its website, apps, shops, and the Click & Collect locations within Sainsbury’s supermarkets.

Argos is a frontrunner in the furniture, homewares, and electronics industries. It’s one-of-a-kind because of the quality, affordability, and accessibility it provides to customers. It’s also well-known for the Fast Track delivery service, which can get your package to you in as little as four hours, all the way up until 10 o’clock at night, and it’s accessible seven days a week to more than 90% of UK zip codes.

Unlike Amazon or other online platforms, Argos has its own stores across the UK. However, shopping online still gives you sales and benefits that aren’t included in the printed catalogue. In fact, the Argos website frequently features specials and discounts that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you’re finding black Christmas decorations at a relatively low price, the Argos is the place to go. The samples here range from about 15 to 100 pounds, which are affordable for many types of customers. Trees are also made of flame-resistant PVC. They are durable while retaining the natural look year after year.

Let’s explore some high-rating products below. They won’t let you down!

6ft Lapland Christmas Tree

Lapland Christmas tree in black

Source: Argos

This striking black tree will add a touch of contemporary style to your winter landscape. The parts simply fit into the bottom and the hinged limbs fold down, making assembly a breeze. After the structure is complete, fluff the branches to make them appear thick and lush, and then decorate!

Artificial trees eliminate the need for intricate hoovering manoeuvres because they never shed needles or make a mess. What is most impressive about this black Christmas tree throughout the holiday season? It’s durable enough to be reused annually.

4ft Optic Christmas Tree

Optic black Christmas tree

Source: Argos

This tree is ready to be set up and shining in a matter of minutes from the time you take to unpack it. After it has been erected, its branches can be fluffed to make it appear more robust and charming.

This 4ft tree is perfect for condos, apartments, and other smaller dwellings, as it will add a Christmassy vibe without taking up the entire room.

Slim Fiber Optic Black Christmas Tree

Slim black fiber optic Christmas tree

Source: Argos

This 80-centimetre-tall fibre-optic tree is a great option for black Christmas decorations. Its compact size accommodates a large amount of chic holiday cheer thanks to its black PVC branch tips and white LEDs.

A more special feature of this tree is that it’s brought to life with the addition of tinsel branches. Simply fluff the tree’s branches, set it in the included plastic stand, and see its shimmering beauty.

3. Wayfair: All You Need For Charming Black Christmas Trees

Wayfair, originally CSN Stores, is a U.S. online retailer that specializes in household items. Over fourteen million products are available from more than ten thousand sellers in the United States, Canada, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom on this marketplace.

Wayfair has an advantage over its competitors due to the efficiency with which it handles every step of the supply chain, from procurement to final delivery. From merchandising to logistics to customer service, Wayfair puts money into it all. It also claims that success may be achieved through the combination of market distinction and widespread adoption of technology across the business.

Wayfair’s typical client is between the ages of 35 and 65, with a median income of $75,000; 45% of sales came from individuals in this age range.

This online store is still a good option if you’re looking for high-quality flame-resistant PVC black Christmas trees this year. The average price here is quite higher than the others. Thus, consider carefully if you don’t want to break the bank.

3ft Christmas Tree With Lights, Stars, And Tree Stand

Black Christmas tree with ornaments

Source: Wayfair

If you want a tree but don’t have the time to fluff it and tie lights around it, this fibre-optic tree is a great solution. It includes built-in LED lights to make the Christmas season much brighter.

This item will look wonderful in a kitchen, living room, hallway, or as a decorative piece. It’s powered by a standard wall outlet and features a plastic stand for stability.

6.5ft Slim Pencil Tall Christmas Tree

Slim Pencil Tall Christmas Tree

Source: Wayfair

This pencil tree will look great in your room this holiday season. Branches that fold out with hinges make assembly a breeze. For convenience, the item is packaged in a box with a carry handle.

It’s so sweet that you decorate the pencil tree with personalised Christmas ornaments. Your family will love and use it for decades.

Artificial Tree With A Lifelike Needle Plot

Christmas Tree With A Lifelike Needle Plot

Source: Wayfair

If you’re looking to create a festive ambience in your house, this cool black Christmas tree is the perfect option! While the branches are made from an odourless, crack-resistant, waterproof PVC polymer, the metal base provides exceptional support, ensuring that the tree remains upright even when the wind picks up.

Hinge connections between the trunk and the branches make assembly quick and simple. The all-black design makes it a standout decoration for both indoor and outdoor settings.

4. ManoMano: Special Option For Environmentally-Friendly Xmas Trees

DIY, home renovation, and gardening supplies can all be found and purchased with ease on ManoMano‘s website. Home improvement and gardening enthusiasts can network and share knowledge on this website. In addition to providing such guidance, ManoMano connects users with a helping hand to complete their DIY endeavours.

It provides assistance in making environmentally friendly and responsible changes to your home and equips you with what you need to meet your responsibilities to yourself, others, and the planet. With its new online marketplace, ManoMano has made it possible for a far smaller percentage of buyers to participate in the process.

Simply put, it shares your desire to maintain a clean and safe environment for your family. It plans to undertake things like DIY projects and gardening in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. That’s why you’re easy to find an incredible black Christmas tree made from PET, besides PVC materials as others. PET is a bit more expensive but better for the environment. It retains all of its original qualities after being recycled and can be used over and over again in a wide variety of applications.

Some of the charming black Christmas trees from ManoMano are listed below. They are gorgeous decorative items that your family will adore.

Black PET Artificial Tree With Pop-up Design

The upcoming holiday season is more special with the addition of sparkling pop-up black Christmas decorations. Made of PET material, this Christmas tree is portable and compact when not in use.

The pretty adornments are reusable year after year, making them a cost-effective alternative to a real one. A personalised Christmas tree is an amazing additional touch if you want your tree to be more charming and memorable.

6ft PVC Black Christmas Tree

6ft Black PVC Christmas Tree

Source: ManoMano

This 6ft black Xmas tree is a good option if you’re looking for a medium to large decorative item this holiday season. The PVC used for the leaves is both fire-resistant and non-toxic, and it also resists bending. Besides, it is sturdy and dependable because of the use of iron pipe and wire. This tree is well worth the price because of its great quality and careful construction. When it’s decorated with personalised Christmas ornaments, it’s a meaningful piece that will be treasured for years to come.

PVC vidaXL Artificial Tree with Stand

PVC vidaXL Artificial Christmas Tree with Stand

Source: ManoMano

Spruce up your home with a one-of-a-kind holiday vibe with the help of this beautiful black Christmas tree. It is remarkably realistic in form and detail, making it the ideal focal point of your holiday decor!

It is much more cost-effective to buy an artificial tree every year rather than a genuine one.


Some may find the thought of a black Christmas tree offensive or even sacrilegious, but for those who are tired of the traditional green ones, black trees can be a refreshing change.

Like traditional evergreen trees, these can range from narrow pencil-like designs to full-bodied trees with frosted limbs and even ombré options. With those favourite black trees available for purchase from reliable online stores, we hope they will save you time and encourage you to go with an utterly nontraditional decoration this year. Decorating your black Christmas tree with some personalised gifts, and where’s Santa stopping first? Oh, that’d be your house, of course.

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