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How to Choose The Best Christmas Earrings to Go Sparklier This Xmas?

Christmas earrings make the ideal holiday season. You can express your playful side or show up elegantly at the Christmas dinner with the ideal matching ear baubles.

There are many different styles available if you’re looking for Christmas earrings in the UK. Most people also select based on their preferred metals, like gold, silver, gunmetal, or polymer clay (which we’ll show you in a second!)

Typically, the type of metal you select will depend on whether you want the recipient to wear the present frequently or only on special occasions and their fashion choices. Sturdy metal, such as 925 Sterling Silver, is more suited for daily wear, whereas gold is more preferred in fancy outings and to give as personalised gifts. If you intend to give it as a gift for a particular event, you may choose various metal colours like 18k gold vermeil or 18k rose gold vermeil to add more glitz and sparkle. The right jewellery type will add just the appropriate amount of radiance and attraction to your appearance.

Here are our top options for Christmas earrings from among the various materials available based on your preferences. Check out these fantastic accessories that can make for wonderful personalised Christmas gifts this season!

1. Gold Christmas Earrings

Christmastime is the ideal time to wear shimmering gold tones. This year, gold jewellery is making a tremendous comeback, and it’s not going anywhere. Beautiful Christmas stud earrings will instantly elevate your appearance with their warm shine, making you look totally gorgeous at the party. Better yet, they’ll last for a while so that you can wear them for any occasion all year round.

Black, emerald, gold, and red-coloured outfits all go very well with gold Christmas earrings. There are many ways to style these accessories: You can mix and match with a party dress or your formal, professional attire, or some personalised t-shirts. Gold has always held a special place in a woman’s heart, whether it is in loops or dangling strands, which we have concluded after carefully looking through these three pairs of earrings:

Gold Paw Print Christmas Stud Earrings

gold paw print earrings

Source: A Touch of Silver

These adorable 9ct gold paw print stud earrings will make you instantly recognizable at parties. They are the perfect size for both large and tiny ears and are also lightweight, making them easy to carry around in a purse or a small bag. Needless to say, these pairs of Xmas earrings are perfect personalised gifts for dog lovers!

Novelty Christmas earrings like this one pair never run short of fancy yet useful features. The butterfly backs help hold them in position even for longer periods of use. If you feel excited and empowered wearing this pair, add it to your shopping list!

Yellow Gold Scottie Dog Christmas Stud Earrings

yellow scottie dog earrings

Source: Gemma J

The lively and posh-looking Scottie dog makes for a terrific set of earrings. These intricately designed puppies are 9mm x 7.5mm in size and are crafted of 9ct yellow gold. For this one pair, the butterfly backs also hold them in place.

Nothing makes the crowd turn their heads around as quickly as a set of shiny jewellery. Some novelty Christmas earrings, some personalised Christmas gifts, and hurray, you just got a unique Christmas Eve box that’s sure to be the perfect personalised gifts for dog lovers this merry season!

Gold Snowflake Christmas Stud Earrings

gold snowflake

Source: Etsy

With this adorable pair of snowflake stud earrings, you may add a dash of icy look to your outfits this winter!

A cubic zirconia is put in the centre of each of the 7mm wide ice forms, giving the pair of earrings a totally Elsa-ish look. This transparent stone is held in a prong setting as part of the symmetrical design.

In case you still want to look classy with all clothing choices, this pair of Xmas earrings is for you.

2. Silver Christmas Earrings

What about some mysterious, lowkey-but-still-sexy Christmas earrings? Silver is a beautiful, strong, and reasonably priced jewellery type compared to gold. The metal is an excellent option if you want to go for accessories with a lower budget and more diverse choices.

Or simply, you want your Xmas earrings to match literally any outfit in your closet and skin stone – Our advice is to go for silver all the way!

Sterling Silver Sitting Cat Stud Earrings

sitting cat stud

Source: Lisa Angel

These adorable sterling silver stud earrings with a miniature pair of sitting cats feature will keep your crazy cat woman friend purring! The earrings come with their butterfly backs and are sold as a pair.

Many thoughtful gift-givers have flooded to buy these stunning pairs as personalised gifts for cat lovers. Got a friend or family member who’s super into cats? Get them one of these purr-fect earrings to make their Christmas day!

Sterling Silver Christmas Earrings: Shooting Stars

shooting star earrings

Source: Not On The High Street

These triple-star earrings are sweet and understated, perfect for the holiday season or astrology enthusiasts.

Made of solid sterling silver, the design has three stars with left and right designs that sit around your ear rather than hanging from it. Their shooting star-like and beautiful appearance look like all your wishes can come true at Christmas.

Sterling Silver Stud Earrings: Snowflake

snowflake earrings

Source: Michael Hill

A common way to spend the holiday is to make snowmen together. This pair of  Christmas earrings will remind you of your memories of the cold weather with your loved ones.

These magnificent Christmas stud earrings have butterfly backs that are securely attached to avoid slipping. Why don’t you buy one to make your Xmas more festive and cool?

3. Gunmetal Christmas Earrings

Gunmetal is a lesser-picked metal, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less audacious as a fashion statement.

This sombre metal, adored for its sleek appearance, is the secret to help you stand out. Gunmetal is a striking and adaptable backdrop that looks great with both dark and bright skin tones. It is also perfect for our ladies in vogue, unafraid to dress themselves up on any occasion. This Christmas, let’s explore some special gunmetal earrings to make your holiday more festive!

Gunmetal Grey Metallic Crystal Studs Earrings

gunmetal black earrings

Source: Etsy

These gorgeous earrings are made of raw faux druzy crystal cabochons, and what makes them so lovely is the amazing shine they have when light reflects from them.

What you’ll love about them is that these surgical stainless steel earrings are lightweight and ideal for delicate ears. This unconventional earring choice will complement your bold look, who knows?

Steampunk Goblincore Crystal Spike Earrings

These spike earrings are decorated with unusual shapes of Goblin spikes. Their formidable black colour will give your jolly season a strong contrast. The gunmetal wheels are a sure statement for a playful, mysterious look.

Wear them to parties, combined with a pair of gothic clothing to impress! They’ll for sure make a wonderful Christmas gift for people of all ages.

Gunmetal Star and Heart Charm Earrings

These star-shaped stud Christmas earrings in the UK are the ideal gift and are festive enough to buy for Christmas, but they can also be worn all year long!

Simple shapes like stars and hearts will make your Christmas more impressive. Because of their straightforward appearance, they are an essential wardrobe item – so grab some gunmetal jewellery to accentuate your fashion taste.

4. Polymer Clay Christmas Earrings

Unlike the previous materials, jewellery made of polymer clay is more flexible, elastic, and devoid of actual clay minerals that are harmful to your skin. These sturdy, yet soft and malleable materials feel very comfortable sitting on your ears all day long. There are several reasons why polymer clay jewellery is so appealing. One of those is the components’ complete customizability: You can use any colours you like, create any designs you prefer, and shape them anyhow you want to.

Ultimately, a creative pair of polymer clay Xmas earrings will go well with some funny Christmas jumpers. Post them to wow your Instagram friends (don’t forget to hashtag #OOTD) or mix and match them with a Christmas headband to finish the fancy look!

Here is our take on the best polymer earrings this season:

Mince Pie Polymer Clay Earrings

mince pie

Source: Etsy

The funny pair of earrings is made of polymer clay and decorated with gold plating. There are little fruit pieces to the pies with red and yellow gemstones. The lids are also embellished with some “icing sugar” dusting, which we bet you can’t find anywhere!

As the pair is totally handmade, you should be careful when wearing and keeping them just like any other fragile jewellery.

Snowflake Dangle Christmas Earrings


Source: Etsy

Very adorable Christmas earrings that are lightweight, carefree, and comfortable enough to wear all day! What else can you ask for this holiday season?

Give it as a unique gift to your friends, your family, or someone you immediately think of, when seeing these cute little Xmas symbols.

Christmas Snowman Earrings

christmas snowman

Source: Etsy 

Adorable snowmen earrings with silver-plated hooks would be ideal as a secret Santa or stocking stuffer gift. They can even be a pleasure for yourself to enjoy during the holiday season!

Most of the hand-crafted Xmas earrings can be customised with your own name and message so you can gift and surprise your loved ones!


Whether you wear Christmas earrings made of gold, silver, gunmetal, or polymer clay should ultimately be a matter of your preference.

In the end, it’s all about getting the design and materials you think fit the receiver best. Let’s consider these options to make this Christmas more memorable.

We wish you a happy holiday season!

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