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Christmas Eve Box: Kick-Start The Festive Magic With Top Gift Ideas This Year

Ahhh, Christmas Eve, the most beautiful time of the year – Time of family reunion, cheerful dinner, and, gift exchange. And it would just be wrong if we didn’t mention the Christmas Eve Box on Christmas Eve.

A Christmas Eve Box is a box sent on December 24 that contains a variety of thoughtful yet modest Christmas presents for the recipient. The beautiful thing about a Christmas Eve box is that it can be customised to meet the demands of each recipient and any Christmas Eve circumstance, whether it’s food and beverages, a present to get the kids to bed early, or a Christmas gift for mum if you’re a sincere child.

However, the trickiest part is what items filled the Christmas Eve Box that would suit each individual perfectly, like the parents, the little ones, or anybody else who may be interested. If you want to get in on the action and pick up some great ideas for both kids and adults, read on cause we’ve rounded up top gift ideas from CustomChic, eBay, Amazon

1. Christmas Eve Box For Kids

For some kids, the anticipation of Christmas morning to get presents might feel like it will never end. If you want Christmas to start early this year, a package of goodies delivered on Christmas Eve is the way to go.

For kids, they are traditionally given out on Christmas Eve to get everyone in the spirit of the season. The point isn’t to stuff the box with random items; instead, it’s to have gifts filled Christmas Eve box that will be useful on December 25 and, ideally, will be used year after year to help build up as much anticipation as possible for the big day.

It’s not necessary to go into debt to buy a Christmas Eve box for kids cause Christmas is already an expensive time of year. The emphasis here is on establishing new, heartwarming customs as a family and presenting a handful of tiny presents to one another on the evening before Christmas. Here are some of our kid and baby Christmas Eve box ideas that are guaranteed to make smiles beaming this December!

Tickled Moon personalised Christmas books

Personalised book for kid

Source: Tickled Moon

Greatest gifts in our baby Christmas Eve box ideas, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend Christmas Eve than snuggling up with these personalised offerings from Tickled Moon. Both “The Christmas Boo!” and “The Christmas Wrapper” are great for holidays, and both feature lots of options for name and present customisations.

Your kids will love these books so much that they can’t wait to get their names in the books and dive into the exciting worlds the authors have created. Some contents of the books in these personalised gifts can feel a little too forceful. However, it is understandable given the funny tales targeted to the target audience’s age range. In my opinion, these books are worthly filled Christmas Eve boxes and should be brought out every December.

Juniper Studio Christmas Eve trays

Preparing for bed is an exciting ritual for kids, and this Juniper Studio Christmas Eve tray will make it even more fun. This enamel tray is perfect for your baby Christmas Eve box ideas since it can hold everything from a drink to a snack for Santa and his reindeer.

Since our little taste testers want to experiment with their hands, an enamel tray was preferable over a ceramic one, which would cause a mess from a mile away. Moreover, your family will never forget this used-to-be-filled Christmas Eve box now that it is a part of your custom.

Orchard Toys Christmas Eve boxes

Christmas eve box: Toys

Source: Orchard Toys

If you want an outstanding gifts-filled Christmas Eve box for your darling children while also spending quality time with family, this lovely game from Orchard Toys is the answer. The Christmas list game at Orchard Toys was fun for the entire family, including the youngest member, because each participant took turns revealing a token and attempting to match it with an image from their bucket.

The present also included a festive 20-piece jigsaw puzzle, which provided your baby child with some peaceful time before the chaos began. What we like best about these baby Christmas Eve box ideas is that it doesn’t attempt to fool you in any way; it’s just a jigsaw puzzle and game that the entire family can enjoy together year after year.

Bloomsbury Mill winter wonderland duvet sets

Christmas eve box: Duvet set for kids

Source: Bloomsbury Mill

For kids, nothing beats the magic of waking up on Christmas morning to festive bedding. What if kids’ bedrooms also get a new cover to celebrate this exciting holiday? With this lovely Bloomsbury Mill winter wonderland set, filled Christmas Eve box, the kids’ bedrooms will get an instant holiday makeover. It provokes Christmas vibes to thousands, yet feels super soft and lightweight.

Moreover, these baby Christmas Eve box ideas are popular with older children as it is with young children has made it a major plus compared to other holiday bedding options.

Betsy Benn Christmas Eve box houses

Christmas eve box house

Finally, we save the best for last, as we think you’d have a tough time surpassing this lovely Christmas Eve box by Betsy Benn. This is more than just a Christmas Eve box it will become a treasured tradition for your family. Betsy Benn Christmas Eve is a gorgeous box shaped like a house, it was carefully handcrafted from eco-friendly cherry veneer and featured a rich red velvet ribbon to open.

A vast array of customisation options gives each box a one-of-a-kind appearance to make these baby Christmas Eve box ideas both highly attractive and exciting. The options to personalise the game are endless, from adding a child’s name and house name… to even silhouettes of the family pet outside the front door, which will surprise your children shockingly. You may even have the supplier do their best to mimic the face of your home if you email them a photo of it. How awesome would it be to receive such unique Christmas gifts?

2. Christmas Eve Box For Adults

The holiday season is typically associated with children, but I believe that grown-ups should also celebrate Christmas. However, there has to be more of a distinction between them. Rather than giving grownup presents that are purely for fun and excitement, it would be wise to focus on ones that will be meaningful, memorable and useful for a long time. Besides baby Christmas Eve box ideas, let’s look at some excellent ideas for adults’ Christmas Eve Box:

Personalised Christmas t-shirts

Personalised t-shirts could be a great addition to your Christmas Eve box basket. These red Christmas-themed custom t-shirts are perfect for printing unique, beautiful family photos, such as one including a family member in a deer headband.

You may customise the t-shirt by adding text, graphics, or both! In addition, t-shirt makers often allow you to modify the colour, size, and design of your shirts and even provide you with design suggestions that are most suited for your Christmas Eve Box.

Sipsmith triple gin mini sets

At this time of year, adults of all ages are looking forward to having some festive fun. Thanks to delightful sentiment from gins like lemon drizzle, zesty orange, and classic London dry, the recipients won’t only have a good time, but they’ll be at their absolute best. Without saying, this gorgeous set of tiny Sipsmith bottles makes a great present for gin aficionados. You can sip them on their own, use them as an ingredient in a gin and tonic, or even create your holiday cocktail. Let the evening be gin!

Personalised Christmas coffee mugs

Aside from the t-shirts, personalised mugs are another safe bet given that nearly everyone on your list will be drinking hot coffee this Christmas. One thing I really appreciate about these Christmas mugs and added to the personalised Christmas Eve box’s list is the interesting designs that the product marketers came up with. With their skilled knowledge at their fingertips, this mug can spread the love around this Christmas and even steal a kiss from loved ones.

It’s visually pleasing, has deeper significance after personalization, and can even make you chuckle because of its humorous layout. I can’t see anyone would say no to this idea.

Scented candles

Christmas eve box: Scented candles

Source: Amazon

When preparing for Christmas, adults often get stressed with many things to worry about. Besides the personalised Christmas Eve box, these scented candles, a lovely appearance, and an exquisite aroma will help the receivers calm down and release stress significantly. When you pick the right aromas, your home will not only look like it’s decorated for Christmas – with Santa and Christmas trees – but it will also smell like it.

Moreover, we tend to be more in tune with our sense of smell at Christmas, and that sense can have a profound impact on our disposition and bring back fond memories. With that being said, a beautifully scented candle with a warm, spicy Christmas perfume will assuredly set the mood and cover up any lingering doggie smells.

Festive treats and snacks

Festive treats and snacks

Most adults look forward to Christmas because it’s an excuse to eat both bad and good foods without feeling bad about it. Then, it stands to reason that Christmas Eve boxes should be stocked with delicious and appropriately holiday-themed food.

There are countless options for treats and snacks at grocery stores and farm markets, and you can even make your own to create a Christmas Eve box! If the Christmas Eve package is intended for a couple, you could even go all out and utilize it to make your own Christmas hamper full of treats.

3. Christmas Eve Box For All Family

So far, we’ve gone over kids, baby Christmas Eve box ideas and adults that are sure to please everyone in your household. But why not give each member of the family a Christmas Eve box? This is not a present, but rather the beginning of a lovely new family tradition that everyone can share in.

Planning an evening like this is a great way to create memories that will last a lifetime with your family, even if you still want to get everyone unique presents. So, let’s pack your family’s personalised Christmas Eve box with the essentials for a fun night in, including:

Christmas ornaments

It’s not necessary to constantly go big and expensive when finding items filled Christmas Eve boxes for mum, dad, grandma, and grandad. Actually, some simple personalised Christmas ornaments are all that’s needed to create a warm and fuzzy holiday season for you and your loved ones.

In addition to being lovely presents for loved ones, personalised Christmas Eve boxes are a one-of-a-kind method to make your home look even cosier and more enchanted than usual over the holidays. Some stores even have beautiful ornaments for the holiday season, each with a unique design and meaningful message.

Christmas headbands

Christmas headband

Source: Amazon

Do you ever daydream about a day when everyone in the family is together, celebrating the holidays, and everyone is wearing a matching Christmas headband? Why not turn it to be true with this year’s Christmas Eve box for your family? Putting on a Christmas reindeer headband, for example, is a great way to show your holiday enthusiasm and spread your love around your house.

A Christmas headband in a Christmas Eve box is also excellent for themed days at work, school, or on holiday itself, so your child may even bring it to the classes to celebrate with friends! Shiny headband shaped like a reindeer, with jingle bells set into its cutout antlers, your family shall have a great time spending for each other.

New board games

Board game for Christmas

Source: Etsy

If you have an outgoing, fun-loving family, you should definitely fill the Christmas Eve box with a new board game to play together. Opening a Christmas Eve box and playing games together on Christmas Eve are always such wise choices. There are various genres for you to choose from to pique the curiosity of your family, from action-themed to mysterious story-oriented, all are there to make sure your family is having a good time at this moment of the year.

Matching pajamas

Christmas matching pyjamas

Source: eBay

Each year on Christmas Eve, many households pass down the custom of giving each member brand-new pajamas. So, why don’t your family also join the tradition? Christmas pajamas are always appreciated, but when putting up a Christmas Eve package for a couple or an entire family, it’s especially nice to include a set of matching jammies.

Taking a picture of the whole family in your matching Christmas pajamas (and, if can, with the same Christmas headbands as well) will keep your family’s memories staying for a long period of time.

Hot chocolate kits

Finally, a pleasant yet creative idea: a hot chocolate kit. Simply stock the box with everything needed to brew a delightful mug of hot chocolate, and then share the experience with your family members. For that extra-special touch, you might include a new mug for each member of the family.


Whatever you decide what items to fill in the Christmas Eve Box as a way to show your warmheartedness, I’m confident the recipients will be grateful. From personalised gifts to a set of hot chocolate kits, we’ve got you some astonishing distinct ideas. Hope it has helped you gain insight and inspired you to get your loved one the perfect present.

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