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Christmas Gonk and Top Gonks to Buy this Festive Season

Santa is coming, time for Xmas tree, colourful socks, and Christmas gonk is soon approaching.  Friends and family members are brainstorming the best personalised Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Chrismas gonk is among the most popular choices, and we’ll show you why in a minute!

These Nordic gonk decorations may have appeared from time to time in people’s homes, storefront windows, and other places. They are also often chosen as personalised gifts for Christmas. But have you known the story behind their popularity?

In this article, we’ll find out exactly just that – bonus with some shopping tips to choose the best one for your decorative purposes.

We’ll also reveal some of our picks of gonks as Christmas gifts – let’s find out!

1. What Is Christmas Gonk?

christmas gonk

These mysterious-looking creatures are like a cross between Santa Claus and a garden gnome: They both are short, have their cap pulled right down, and have a small, round nose jutting out.

Gonks, according to Scandinavian legend, watch over homes and shield people from bad luck. Many Nordic homes usually left out a bowl of porridge on the winter solstice so that gonks might feast and take part in the celebrations. These legends and customs persisted among the inhabitants over time, and gonks eventually started to become symbolic, for Christmas.

Gonks are just so adorable with their nose and beard sticking out of their tall pointy hats, and who doesn’t love a little bit of magical legend at Christmas, especially those that promise good fortune?

They’re a lot of fun, and hanging them from the Christmas tree or placing them all throughout the house will make it feel even cosier and more welcoming to all of your guests.

Gonks are not technically Christmas decorations, despite the fact that they resemble miniature Nordic Father Christmas when they have beards. However, over time, they have been incorporated into Christmas tales and have become a significant element of the holiday season. Additionally, it is customary to set out a bowl of porridge for them on the winter solstice in the UK.

3. Best Christmas Gonk Decorations To Buy This Year

Before you buy one, here are some of our best tips to decorate your house with gonks:

  • Use as hanging ornaments: They’ll look beautifully strung together and dangling from a branch of your Christmas tree, where they can keep an eye on the gifts until the big day. According to legend, these gonk gnomes can never grow taller than three feet. You can get some life-size standing Xmas gonks to decorate your home with. They’ll look stunning placed on either side of a door or a television.
  • Place sitting: Another favourite design is the sand-bag style, in which Santa gonk’s body is weighed down with sand to enable them to sit steadily on a shelf or table while their legs hang freely over the edge.
  • Add a touch of styles: Looking for something with a lot of styles? Consider personalised Christmas ornaments. There are undoubtedly some beautiful Xmas gonk statues in your area. Placed on your mantle or coffee table, these will look really gorgeous!

That being said, let’s explore our top 10 choices of gonk decoration this festive season!

Hanging Christmas Gonk

hanging Christmas gonk

Source: Festive At Home

With the help of this charming Christmas gonk decoration, your Xmas trees will come to life. Gonks are truly fantastic picks for Christmas.

This endearing Xmas gonk is ideal for giving festive trees a rustic feel. It’ll bring out a jolly mood with the gonk’s white fluffy beard on rustic twines. The straightforward yet striking sculpture, which hangs beautifully from tree branches, will make perfect Christmas ornaments to either gift or decorate your own cosy house – the choice is yours!

Red Gonks Single Duvet Cover Set

This adorable Santa gonk bedding is great for every bedroom this Christmas and is suitable for both tiny and big kids. On a red background, it has a collection of white gonks next to each other – the sign of a very merry Christmas.

Once you’ve decided to get festive, the decorations don’t just stop in the living room. You can fill your bedroom and more private spaces with no less sparkly, bright, and large gonks to celebrate Xmas with.

Wooden Christmas Gonk UK

wooden gonk

Source: Etsy 

This wooden Christmas gonk decoration offers the ideal canvas for creative hands. Put it proudly on a shelf for everyone to see, then simply decorate as you choose. You can dress it up as a cute and large gonk, a Nordic gonk, or a Santa gonk – the choice is yours!

This gonk gnome can also come in handy when you want to decorate a bookshelf or your dinner table but don’t want to go over the top. A simple grey gonk will be enough to showcase your hospitality to the guests.

Nightlife Wobbly Navy And Grey Gonk

navy and grey gonk

Source: Festive At Home

With this Christmas gonk, you can add some quirky Scandi charm to your home. He’s wearing warm winter clothing and his metal legs shake if you make him walk. He also has a long, fuzzy beard.

The typical Nordic gonk will make your family crack up, watching him clumsily move while keeping a serious face!

Festive Pre-Lit Standing Gonk

pre-lit standing gonks

Source: Old Railway Line

For a stunning show of gonks, UK families are placing their gonks at the doorstep or by the fireplace as Xmas guardians.

You can also use the gonk to decorate your personalised door mats, since he’ll be standing up tall and guarding there. He is 66 cm tall, wearing a small hat, tights with stripes, a beard, a round nose, and a blazing light emanating from within.

More standing gonks are selected for the winter season thanks to their versatility and strength. Unlike hanging gonks who might get shaky when moving, these standing gonks prove to be more reliable in greeting the guests and are perfect choices to light up your house.

Garrie Gonk Set of 3 Tea Towels

These colourful gonks UK tea towels will help you clean up your Christmas dinner in style. It features three distinct patterns and everything you need to enhance your decor for the holidays.

As we said, decorations don’t merely stop at the surface level! These gonk-inspired life products are handy and useful for many occasions. If you’re a nature lover, you can definitely reuse these gonk tea towels, especially if you purchase from the UK!

Jolly General Store Santa Christmas Gonk

jolly general store santa gonks

Source: John Lewis

This Santa gonk tree decoration is really adorable. It features a big red hat and a white beard, which makes it ideal for giving your Christmas decorations a Scandinavian flair.

The highlight of this gift is the reflective Santa hat. So if you’re looking for something that complements the holiday’s excitement, don’t miss this gonk for Xmas!

Christmas Gonk Wooden Baubles

Personalised Christmas gifts are always well received, especially when they feature Santa Claus and everything festive.

Looking for that unique something? These adorable gonk wooden ornaments will help you connect with your loved ones from a distance. You can easily customise the names on each gonk, showing them how much you think about them this holiday.

Silver Christmas Gonk

silver gonks

Source: Festive At Home

This metallic Christmas gonk, complete with a big silver hat and star wand, is the best way to add some glitz to your house. Each gonk is 36 centimetres in length and comes in a pair of two.

Like the defensive, seemingly cold look? This grey gonk undoubtedly will give your cool friend a small (yet delightful) surprise. Think of placing the gonk gnome on their shelf as a statement of keeping their luck inside!

Blue And Grey Gonk Christmas Decorations

blue gonks

Source: Very

These two Christmas gonks will help you keep the Christmas spirits a little longer in the house. They will provide holiday happiness to any space with their clashing-coloured attire and crooked hats pulled down over their faces.

Anywhere you go, the Xmas gonks are here to protect everyone in the family from bad luck!


Purchasing Christmas gifts for the holidays is now simpler than ever, particularly with our (hopefully) helpful suggestions for gonk gnome decorations. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re in the midst of planning for your Christmas shopping. What are your favourites among the 10 Christmas gonks?

After all, these sought-after Christmas gift suggestions will make anyone’s holiday memorable, whether you’re buying for your mum, your closest friend, or your significant other.

The best part is that finding the perfect gifts like Christmas gonks doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The majority of these amazing finds are reasonably priced, allowing you to wow the recipient without going overboard.

After all, it is the holiday season of giving – a Christmas headband or a small, cute Christmas gonk will make someone’s day, who knows?

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