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Christmas Onesie And Top Onesies To Buy This Festive Season

Christmas onesie quite cosy and comfortable, making them favourite clothing items and personalised Christmas gifts choice for loungewear among people of all ages these days.

Wearing onesies as a fashion statement has gradually been integrated into modern society. Even celebrities have been seen wearing a comfy pair on multiple occasions, not restricted to Christmas. So there is really no reason why you shouldn’t purchase a delicate, funny pair of Xmas onesies to make your holiday more enjoyable with your loved ones.

Better yet, these unique-looking clothing can serve well as personalised gifts for your close friends and family members. What’s better than posing in an animal-styled Christmas onesie and making fun of each other together?

Your jolly holiday will never be boring again. Take a look at our recommendations for adult Christmas onesies – men, women, and kids alike!

1. The Origins of Christmas Onesie

christmas onesie

The first pair of pyjamas (which would later become the onesie we know today) made its debut in Britain in the 17th century. After surviving some ups and downs, the onesie predecessor finally reappeared in contemporary society in the late 1800s.

By the 1880s, a number of stores had begun selling tops and bottoms together as one. At that time, Christmas onesie was modelled after conventional sleepwear rather than the ones we are familiar with today.

When they first hit the market, there was a lot of debate over adults wearing clothes that looked like sleepsuits, but as more celebrities started donning the item, their popularity grew, and they are now available for purchase in many places for both kids and adults.

As more people began to follow the trend, this type of sleepwear became very fashionable by the 1930s. One turning point in the onesie’s history was the revelation that Winston Churchill began wearing onesies thanks to the extra comfort.

The fact that even important historical figures started wearing Christmas onesies is a testament to their enduring appeal and success.

Nowadays, celebrities jumped on the fad quickly: Robbie Williams, Tulisa, One Direction, and Rihanna all appeared in their own iterations of adult onesies. Children, teenagers, and even adults happily dress up (or down) in festive Christmas onesies, tailoring the holiday to their liking!

2. Why You Should Wear A Onesie This Xmas?

There are three main reasons why we think you shouldn’t miss out on the special Christmas onesie: More comfort than conventional Xmas clothing (to have fun and laze around, you know), everyone is wearing it, and it’s become a fashion statement of some sort.

Christmas Onesie: Extra Comfort And Usability

These adult Christmas onesies are available in a range of materials, such as cotton, flannel, and wool mixes. Onesies made of mixed materials will be less expensive than those made of wool or flannel, so the specific material you choose will depend on how it will feel on your skin while you sleep at night and how much it will cost.

Christmas onesies in the UK come in a range of designs, from classic colours to patterns with elves and reindeer, so you may choose one that is tailored to your preferences.

What they all have in common, however, is the extra softness and flexibility compared to holiday dresses, pants, costumes, you name it. Don’t be afraid to go crazy while choosing your new Christmas onesie.

High Relevance Among Youngsters And Adults

Christmas onesies for adults, which were once seen as a fringe and scandalous choice, are now so common that you can purchase them in almost any store, both online and offline.

Onesies are available all year round in retailers, although winter holidays are when they are most in demand. Onesies are surprisingly cosy and simple to wear, even for adults who have never worn one before. More people are opting to wear or give the onesie as gifts because of its simplicity of usage and warmth it offers.

Bold Fashion Statements

People even host ugly sweater parties where attendees may flaunt their awful fashion sense with Christmas onesies. When you meet or spend time with family and friends, these onesies generally come with a lot of glitter, lights, and tassels to make you feel as festive as possible. You’ll be surprised by the variety of styles available if you’re considering wearing an ugly sweater during the holidays.

Some onesies are so weirdly made that they can go with any items of your choice. Every Christmas, there can never be enough party-goers mixing them with personalised t-shirts, ridiculous Christmas socks, funny Christmas jumpers, and literally just everything else.

Thanks to the creative potential, younger fashionistas are having fun breaking new grounds with the traditional sleepwear-turned-public Christmas onesie.

If you’re giving onesies as personalised Christmas gifts, be sure to know the recipient’s size or think about choosing a one-size-fits-all choice so you can be certain it will fit them comfortably.

3. Best Christmas Onesie to Buy This Year

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect pair of Xmas onesies, let us help you! Here are our picks for both adults and kids to make your holiday much more enjoyable.

From cute animal Xmas to strong-coloured onesies, the gift-shopping task has never been easier now that you have our suggestions ready.

For Adults

Christmas Onesie: Women’s Bean Waffle

women bean waffle onesie

Source: OHS

This onesie is suited for any holiday theme you’re trying to embrace, with designs ranging from a candy cane stripe to a funnier wintry dog landscape. With a touch of stretch, the cotton waffle fabric adds comfort while keeping you warm.

Additionally, these pairs of Christmas onesies for women are very well-proportioned, giving you a smooth feeling. 

Women And Men’s Christmas Onesie

men and women onesie

Source: FamilySta

Men and women can feel the softness of Xmas onesies all over their bodies with this unisex onesie. This material is shrink-free and the fabric is breathable, static-resistant and super soft.

On top of that, the maroon onesie looks just like the missing piece for Christmas: It’s radiating the festive spirit from the core!

If you’re looking for some personalised gifts for couples, this one’s for you.

Christmas Onesie: Women’s Savage Hooded Onesie

savage hooded onesie

Source: SavageXFenty

Got a friend who’s super well-dressed and rebellious? This savage-looking Xmas onesie will win their hearts with the effortlessly powerful look.

With the same soft feel, the emerald hooded onesie is a nice pick for the sporty type, with a zip and a hood suitable for outside activities. The fleece affords extra comfort, too.

If you love them, go give them some savage hooded onesies!

For Kids

Kids’ Reindeer Christmas Onesie

kids onesie

Source: John Lewis

With this Rudolph onesie, your little one will transform into a tiny sweetie!

It is made of soft fleece, has ribbed wrist and ankle cuffs, and a hood with 3D decoration. We’re sure your kids will insist on wearing pyjamas all day if all they get is this unique onesie!

With its strength, quality, and attention to detail, this Christmas onesie is the recipe for a memorable Christmas.

Striped Red-and-White Christmas Onesie

stripped red and white onesie

Source: Etsy

The most gorgeous Christmas onesie this year around is for our delicate, tiny babies!

This red-and-white candy cane-themed onesie comes with a matching cap and Peter Rabbit designs. Infants from nine to twelve months can dazzle in this beautiful Xmas set.

Your kids don’t have to wait a long time before they can try on the funny Christmas look. This pair of onesies will do the job well!

Kids’ Polar Bear Onesie

kids polar bear onesie

Source: John Lewis

For chilly nights spent on the couch, this cosy polar bear onesie might be just what your kids need this Christmas.

It is made of incredibly soft fleece and has a hood with 3D patterning, and a front zip closure for hassle-free dressing. For chilly winter days, there’s nothing better than cuddling in the incredible warmth of the onesie.

Did we also mention that the white fleece really makes kids look like angels wearing the set?


Christmas onesies appear to be the must-have item for gifting this year. The holiday season is coming, and we hope our picks of Christmas onesies in the UK will help you make easier shopping decisions! From small babies, teenagers, mums, and dads can enjoy the comfortable feeling of wearing onesies in the cold December months.

Don’t be afraid to go a little extra this season! As Xmas onesies gain popularity, you can curate them based on your taste – and create your own fashion statement.

Whatever your purposes, to dress a little fancier than last year or to give as personalised Christmas gifts, these onesies can really bring everyone together besides the fireplace.

Will you be wearing a onesie this Christmas? If yes, don’t hesitate to get a good pair of Christmas onesies and kickstart your long-awaited holiday!

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