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Top Funny Christmas Jumpers To Spread Xmas Cheer This Year

Now that the Christmas season is finally here, it’s time to stock your closet with some festive, funny Christmas jumpers! This year’s personalised Christmas gifts like jumpers come in a ton of cheerful (and eye-catching) selections, from those with distinctive designs and clever Christmas jokes to those with cheery holiday symbols.

If you’re tired of conventional designs, you should definitely take a look at these funny Xmas jumpers! Not only can you guarantee light-hearted jokes and laughter around it, but these cleverly designed clothes will also warm up your Christmas day and make it a lingering memory.

There can never be too many good personalised gifts. You can choose from a wide range of selections yourself, but what’s more time-saving than someone having that list ready for you?

Explore our top choices from M&S, Not On The High Street, CustomChic… for funny Christmas jumpers for men, women, and literally everyone else in your big, cosy family!

1. Men’s Christmas Jumpers

A little funky, eccentric, and simple taste is the recipe for success when you select personalised gifts for dad this festive season! Why don’t you level up your games with these 5 distinctive funny Christmas jumpers for men to spice up this holiday?

Take a closer look at our suggestions below:

Interactive Christmas Tree Funny Christmas Jumper

This interactive, glowing Christmas jumper will surely leave your dad with immense joy when he receives it.

One of the top funny Christmas jumpers, the lively and well-lit pine makes the entire black shirt much more festive. A colourful addition to an otherwise simple, casual menswear like this black t-shirt, your grandfathers and fathers would appreciate the thoughts you have put into selecting one.

Penguin Novelty Jumper

Penguin Novelty Jumper

Source: boohoo

If you fancy something warmer and more reminiscent of family activities like skiing together, this Christmas jumper is tailor-made for your loved ones.

The funny Christmas jumpers for men are a cool colour combination of blue and white, with cheerful penguins skiing together in the signature winter snow. The simple design will be a great wardrobe inclusion, as he can wear not only on the 25th of December, but any day in the year (as long as it’s not blistering hot!)

Santa Claws Funny Christmas Jumper For Men

Santa Claws Funny Christmas Jumper For Men

Source: M&S

Is there a way to send a powerful message without going over the top? Marks & Spencer’s Santa Claws funny Christmas jumpers are the right one for you.

The giant brown bear in the centre is a nod to the strong (and also loving) male figures in your family! Nothing will warm their hearts more than this jumper on a beautiful Christmas day.

Funny Christmas Jumper: Peng Ting

Funny Christmas Jumper: Peng Ting

Source: boohoo

Do you still remember your childhood days spent with your grandparents telling old stories on the family couch? In the warmth of the fireplace, you stay hooked onto every word, feeling grateful for these people in your life.

This maroon jumper is a fantastic combination of the boldness of youth, yet also indicating something everlasting and traditional. If you’re one for nostalgia, definitely choose this jumper to gift your (grand)fathers for the holiday.

Or simply a lover of bold colours? Some Boohoo Man’s funny Christmas jumpers will be great personalised grandad gifts too!

Jumper Vest Funny Christmas Jumper

Jumper Vest Funny Christmas Jumper

Source: M&S

The men of your family don’t like bright colours? Don’t worry, we’ve got a fix for you. This black-and-white vest jumper with four happy penguins on top will guarantee a laugh from your fathers or grandfathers.

The little white, dotted snowflakes make the jumper more youthful than ever. They’ll love the clever design and how festive it is, despite the vest being more inclined to the casual side. Get one now!

2. Women’s Funny Christmas Jumpers

Christmas gifts for mum should be more thoughtful (although we didn’t say they can’t be fun!) because these awesome women are natural lovers of almost everything on Earth. From loving animals’ lives, following a healthy lifestyle, to expressing themselves in the most fashionable styles – your mum’s gift choices are a bit more diverse than your dads!

You can choose from this curated roundup to show your mum how much you love her with our little help:

Mummy’s Little Pudding’s Christmas Jumper

Mummy's Little Pudding's Christmas Jumper

Source: Ellie Ellie

What could be more perfect for expecting mums than the clever “Mummy’s Little Pudding” funny Xmas jumpers?

A little ornament in front of the tummy sends a message: Mummy’s little one will be joyful like the Christmas season! Coloured with a bright red, your mum will be filled with immense happiness for the thoughts you have put into this meaningful gift.

Let’s make her day with these special funny Christmas jumpers!

Yule Got This Women’s Christmas Jumper

Source: Not On The High Street

To all the party-loving and Yule-ball mums, this jumper is hands down the best one for her in the market.

Not only she’ll be dressing in these bright and cheerful colours for Christmas – the most beautiful time of the year (because Justin Bieber says so), but she will also make an impact with a very bold message on it “Yule Got This!”

What are you waiting for?

“Save A Turkey” Funny Christmas Jumper

Source: Ellie Ellie

Your vegan mum (and dad) would be filled with joy when receiving this funny Christmas jumper. A creative take on the holiday, it is a superb blend of festivity and meaningful causes: Veganism is the way to go! 

A cheerful red jumper might be all she needs for Christmas, do you want to wow them with the gift? 

Fleece Navidad Christmas Jumper

Source: IWOOT

You’ve got a female friend who’s a genius with wordplay? Then hear us out: You cannot go wrong with this Fleece Navidad funny Christmas jumper! Even your mum will love it because honestly, who can come up with such a clever play on words?

This is for sure one of the best personalised gifts for mum, so get her one to complement her coolness!

GINgle Bells Jumper For Wine-Loving Mums

Source: Of Life & Lemons

A gin jumper for all gin lovers out there, cheers! What could be a better gift to your die-hard gin enthusiast that your mum is than this simple and festive jumper?

Two bottles of gin, a play on words “GINgle bells”, and a tight hug from your mum for bringing her absolute most favourite together: Her favourite wine and dearest season. Be a little creative this Christmas, won’t you?

3. Unisex Funny Christmas Jumpers

This section is a little trickier than your mum or dad because there are more family members to think of. Have you found yourself racking your heads to find the most fashionable jumpers for your family members, but unsure whether it’s the best choice?

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Find here our top 5 choices when it comes to funny Christmas jumpers for all of your families, including your dogs, hurray!

Baby Groot Christmas Jumper

Source: Etsy

Doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, if you love Baby Groot, you’ll be in for some good news this Christmas. The cute little one will be your Santa for the night!

Enjoy a little bit too much festivity with this black jumper, which is also a guarantee for style and versatility. Maybe you’ll start wearing it on casual occasions too, who knows?

Christmas Jumper – Bear Family Jumpers

What could be more delightful to wear this set of family jumpers on Christmas day?

The bears are the tell-tale signs of the winter season, so you’d better grab one for everyone in the fam! Mummy bear, daddy bear, and even baby bear are here to gather under the mistletoe.

Santa Claus Family Matching Christmas Jumpers

Source: Amazon

The bright red colour is a guarantee for success: You cannot go wrong with boisterous colours at the most beautiful time of the year.

A wonderful option for your Santa-loving family, this matching set of jumpers will light up your Christmas day. There is something irresistible about the Santa Clauses here, am I right?

The North Pole Funny Christmas Jumpers

Source: Etsy

For Christmas 2022, this incredibly simple look will make your time more memorable. Too familiar with another brand of nearly the same name? Then you will be amazed by this smart invention “The North Pole”. A serious-looking Santa Claus with half of his face is watching you!

The black colour makes it easy for you to mix and match however you want to. Let’s impress your friends with this ultimately cool Christmas jumper!


These funny Christmas jumpers are sure to be a success at any party this holiday season, whether you’re shopping for personalised gifts for your mum, dad, grandparents, or even everyone in the family. Do you feel excited about our extensive collection of funny Christmas jumpers for everyone in the family?

If you feel hyped, don’t hesitate any longer! Christmas is around the corner, let’s hurry up to pick one that suits your budget and your intention (how funny do you want it to be?)

We wish you a Merry Christmas with your loved ones this year!

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